Founded in Oman in 1975 by pioneering entrepreneur Essa Bin Mohammed Al Zadjali as Essaco Group, it has been shaping the commercial landscape in the Sultanate for over 45 years, with the group’s business portfolio now united under the Flamma International brand.

Proudly rooted in Oman for more than four decades, with 281 international awards and accolades to its name, Flamma International’s growth and success has mirrored the Sultanate’s rise to prominence.

In uniting 15 highly successful enterprises under one umbrella, the group’s expertise spans the dynamic world of digital and traditional media, creative communications, future forward e-commerce solutions, bricks and mortar trading and contracting, hands-on healthcare solutions, and more.

From the development and launch of new IT-based applications and services designed for a new digital era, to continued innovation across a diverse set of industry-leading businesses, the group always has one eye firmly on the future.

As the country celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020 , Flamma International will continue to honour not only the legacy of its founder but the rich history and innovative spirit of Oman.